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For the Soul of Basketball


Warrior basketball is a populist, tacky, AAU brand of basketball that is corrupting the way Americans play the sport. This series represents an existential crisis to the sport of Basketball. We all know we can beat the Cavaliers, and yet all expect that the championship might be between them and the Warriors. The Spurs organization means as much to the sport of Basketball as the United Nations means to diplomacy. Without the Spurs the sport of basketball would not be the global game that it is today. By bringing the likes of Tony, Manu, Boban, Bertans, Mills, and every other international star that we’ve developed over the years to the NBA, we have truly globalized the game. But what kind of game are we the ambassadors of? Are we the ambassadors of a brand of basketball that can be surmised into a 30 second commercial? The Spurs represent the brand of basketball all of our goofy dads taught us to play when we were young ballers. A brand of basketball in which defense and passing meant something. The more teams like the Warriors and Cavaliers succeed, the more we will see of Lavar Ball, his hero ball offspring, and the type of basketball in which the three-pointer means more than any other stat. Pray for Kawhi’s ankle. He had 26 points before Zaza Scrubchulia did what he did. This series isn’t just for the Western conference championship, it is for the soul of Basketball itself. 

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