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Bruce Bowen Was A Dirty Player


Like all Spurs fans there are times when we must be sat down and be told something that we will not like to hear. Bruce Bowen was a dirty player. However it is a false equivalency to say that Zaza Scrubchulia and Bruce Bowen represent the same type of dirty play. Zaza tries to hurt people and is an aloof burly mess from some far off gulag in Eastern Europe. I’m not saying Bruce Bowen hasn’t tried to hurt other players, he has, I’m just wanting to point out that Bruce Bowen’s play was considered over and over again for Defensive Player of the Year, and Zaza almost made the all star game as a fan fueled joke. The time periods these two played in couldn’t be any more different as well. Bruce Bowen played defense in a way that was fantastically annoying to his opponents, and he crossed that forbidden line of dirty play many times. He was a product of his time, and come to think of it the most celebrated defenders at that time were all dirty players; Ben Wallace? Ron Art… I mean Metta World Peace? Dennis Rodman? Bruce Bowen was actually good at defense, and was able to hide the fact that he was trying to beat you in any way he could. Warrior fans, especially online, like to remind us Spurs fans of Bruce Bowen. We shouldn’t hold our heads in shame when they do this, we should double down and not only admit that yes he was a dirty player, but also bring up the point that at least he was good at his craft. I think it’s ironic as well that the Warrior fans have to delve deep into our past as a team to find their own rationalization as to why the Zaza play was fair basketball, when I’m writing an article about their second dirtiest player. I should be smacking Draymond upside the head with my words, but instead I just wasted a good while writing about Zaza Scrubchulia. Oh well, I’m sure Draymond will give me more fodder to chew over soon.

NBA: MAY 16 Western Conference Finals - Game 5 - Spurs v Suns

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