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Is it realistic for anyone to expect that the Spurs will have a chance in game 2? Of course not, but this isn’t some random team we are talking about. It would be wise to remember that we were in a similar situation going into game 6 against the Rockets. While our adversary might not be the same caliber in this instance, history for the Spurs does have a funny way of repeating itself. There are quirky little advantages to having your star not play. In this instance the Warriors can only assume what adjustments we might make in order to make it competitive. I’d like to think I’m the Nostradamus of basketball and could tell you what Pop is planning. I assume that Lamarcus will have a much bigger role, that’s obvious, but who else will step up? My hope is that Pau Gasol, Patty Mills, and Johnathan Simmons all come up big for us. Pau is getting a lot of open looks and he needs to drain that mid range jumper that he likes to take. Patty played kind of poorly in game one, and with Tony being out we need that production from that position or else this series will be very hard to watch. Simmons has shown time and time again that he is not intimidated by anyone in the league, and if there is anything the Spurs need right now is more JUICE. Simmons I think will be our X-factor, on both the defensive end and to a degree the offensive end as well. I know it may seem like I’m making shit up, but isn’t that exactly what we are known for. Throughout this season we have rested key players and come up big. Those situations during the regular season play a vital role in preparing us for the playoffs, one so we can have some degree of health going into the playoffs, and two so we can adapt together as a team when something goes awry. Having a possible MVP candidate out for a major series like this is devastating, but I’m not willing to admit defeat until it happens. This Warriors team is notorious for cracking under pressure, anyone remember that 3-1 lead? The goal for the Spurs until Kawhi comes back is to just make it competitive. That really is all we can hope for, that they play poorly, we craft an unorthodox plan that catches the Warriors off guard, and we somehow steal one. This is arguably the most talented Spurs team in some time, and it is truly a tragedy that we have to play a Warriors team without our starting point guard and now without Kawhi. Pop was asked at the beginning of the series how he would stop the Warriors prolific play, and is answer was simple. Pray. That was our strategy at the beginning of the series and it still should be, unfortunately.


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